Transform Your Outdoor Space

Your home is your castle. Make sure it is a place that you can enjoy and use as a getaway from the outside world for a little while and relax. Beautiful landscaping and / or hardscaping can help.

When you arrive home from a long day of work, are you happy with what you see? Does your landscaping or hardscaping give a good first impression, or does it provide a reminder that more work needs to be done to make your house into a home?

Specialized Landscape Management Services Inc has years of experience in designing and implementing landscape and hardscape ideas that you will feel proud about.

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Landscape Maintenance

Curb appeal is very important when you are looking to sell your home. But having a well-designed and maintained landscape is important at all times. A well-designed landscape maximizes the usability of your green space and boosts visual appeal.
Landscape & Hardscape Design 2

Create Your Personal Oasis

A properly performed landscape project will also clearly show property lines and make your property more serene. Plants and trees absorb ambient noise, which is important if you are looking to host an event — a good time to show off your new landscaping!
Landscape & Hardscape Design 3

Designs for Home or Business

Having an attractive landscape and / or hardscape makes your residential or commercial property more inviting. Contact Specialized Landscape Management Services Inc today for a consultation on your landscaping and / or hardscaping needs.

Wonderful Hardscaping

A new walkway, patio, terrace, or any hardscaping project can renew your property. Contact Specialized Landscape Management Services Inc to design and install your new hardscaping project. We specialize in all types of hardscaping installations, from simple garden steps to complex patio layouts.

If you want brick, tile, natural stone, or basic pavers, share with us your vision and we’ll design and build the project to your exact specifications. We have garnered a reputation as one of the top hardscaping installation experts in the area.

Decorative Stonework

We strive to understand the specific needs of our clients. We are proud to serve the local community by providing the best in hardscaping design and installation.

Decorative stonework and concrete will transform your outdoor space, and you’ll be pleased with the quality of our work. Choose from decorative walking paths and walls to functional patios, water features, and outdoor seating. Your new outdoor space will be the envy of your friends and neighbors!

Retaining Wall Services

If your property needs more support or a fresh new look, call Specialized Landscape Management Services Inc today to design and install your new retaining wall.

We’re an experienced retaining wall contractor and can custom build a stone retaining wall to meet your needs. Give us a call now to discuss your plans for your next project!