Go Green with SLM

SLM (Specialized Landscape Management Services, Inc.), your full service landscape company, is always looking for better ways to save our clients money. One way we do this is by staying current with new technology in our industry. This helps us make our projects and services more cost effective and affordable.

With today's environmental outlook toward increased water conservation, SLM is doing all it can to help our clients save waters. These water savings can be achieved on an individual basis as well as on a community basis.

Keep More Green by Going Green

With water restrictions increasing and water cost rising each month, everyone needs to do their part to "Go Green" for economic reason as well as environmental reasons. So, it's time to GO GREEN with SLM!

We at SLM are doing everything we can to achieve these water savings for our clients using their existing irrigation equipment or by making recommendations to upgrade.

We even "Go Green" in our office operations: We offer paperless client communications and invoicing, dramatically cutting down on the amount of paper we consume.

Get Ahead of 'Green Laws'

With State Senate Bill 1881, beginning January 1, 2010 all local water agencies must adopt a "water efficient landscape ordinance" that includes SMART CONTROLLERS.

And by January 1, 2012 all automatic irrigation system controllers sold in California must create schedules based on "climate conditions, specific terrains and soil types and other environmental conditions." The clock is ticking; the government will enforce these regulations before you know it. Now's the time to implement these water-saving changes and benefits from lower water use costs.

More ways we are helping our clients help the environment (and their pocketbooks):

  • Using mulching mowers where applicable.
  • Proposing wood chip mulch to planter areas.
  • Converting existing sprinkler heads to more efficient water saving heads.
  • Replacing existing controllers with smart irrigation controllers that can make adjustments on their own.
  • Changing plant material in some cases.

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